ELA recognises that you want to be confident about the choices you make in the selection and application of your chosen electronic systems in your commercial building designs. As subject matter experts on systems design and integration of Nurse Call, Audio Visual, MATV, Security and Healthcare applications, ELA is a good choice for your business. With more than 40 years experience in the industry, ELA is able to meet your expectations with staff specialists ready to help you streamline and improve the quality of your construction projects. Our qualified consultants are able to prepare high quality Nurse Call, Audio Visual, MATV and Security Specifications for your project.

What makes ELA’s services unique?

  • Specifications will be designed to your projects requirements
  • Specifications will not be influenced by manufacturers
  • A fair and balanced specification

Keeping Specifications Current

ELA prides itself on understanding, meeting and including Australian and international regulations in all their specifications. ELA meets and includes the following standards:

  • UL 1069 Nurse Call and Signalling Equipment Edition 7
  • DIN 0834 Call systems in hospitals, nursing homes and similar institutions
  • FDA MDDS Medical Device Data Systems Class I of Class II
  • ISO 13485 Quality Systems Medical Devices (a superset of ISO 9000)
  • QRS820 Global Harmonised Task Force Quality System Management (a superset of ISO 13485)
    • Part 820 Medical Devices and Software
    • Part 807 Registration and Listing
    • Part 801 Labelling
    • Part 803 Medical Device Reporting Requirements
  • EN60950-1 Safety Requirement Information Technology Equipment
  • EN60601-1 Safety Requirement Medical Electrical Equipment
  • AS 3811 Hardwired Patient Alarm System
  • AS 1367 Coaxial Cable & Optical Fibre Systems for the RF distribution of analogue and digital television and sound signals in single and multiple dwelling installations
  • AS 4806 Closed Circuit Television
  • AS 2201 Intruder Alarm Systems
  • BCA 2011 Hearing Augmentation

At ELA we are committed to meeting your unique needs, we are able to deliver on that goal because of our invested employees. Our employees are trained to listen and respond with appropriate questions and actions. We invite you to work with us closely on your next construction project.

Our staff have worked with architects and general contractors on a wide range of types of projects including airports, country clubs, hospitals, hotels, schools, office buildings, residential apartments, shopping centres, sporting grounds, and more. Our specification writers are specialists in the field. With their experience, we can design specifications based on your requirements and ensure they meet all relevant Australian and international standards.

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