ELA provide solutions for the Health care industry specifically based on Hospital and aged care solution. Complementing the Healthcare industry ELA provide similar solution to a range of commercial applications including:

ELA offers Integrated Solution for Healthcare Industry

CarePlusTM Nurse Call and Messaging System is a new 3rd Generation IP based Nurse Call, Messaging and Reporting System designed for hospital and aged care applications. This latest IP (Web) technology system provides significant features and benefits over older generation systems, by providing a simple web based user interfaces and reporting systems. CarePlusTM provides an upgrade path for legacy Nurse Call Systems without having to close down wards.

Upgrades from older systems can be completed without by disruption to wards or age care residence rooms providing an industry leading upgrade path. CarePlusTM enables easy installation and remote maintenance as well as easy system software upgrades. These feature and functions are extremely attractive to hospitals and aged care applications, augmented by our very attractive entry price baseline installation cost.


  • CarePlusTM Systems are fully IP compliant installation enabling advanced software reporting on your computer network.
  • CarePlusTM provides real time “Ward Status” reports and Nurse Call response time reports to networked PC’s and whiteboards.
  • CarePlusTM is a software feature rich system, providing over 28 interfaces into legacy systems including: Fire, Security, BMS (Building Management Systems) as well as a range of wireless communications systems including: Vocera, Dect Kirk and Paging Systems.
  • The CarePlusTM control module is designed to provide all these features backwardly compatible to your installed system. Allows you to extend the life of your existing legacy infrastructure.
  • Backward compatible to existing installed legacy Nurse Call Systems. No need to shut down your ward to upgrade.
  • CarePlus is not only a Nurse Call System but is also a fully independent and networkable Paging System.

CarePlusTM enables easy installation and remote maintenance as well as easy system software upgrades. These features and functions are extremely attractive to hospitals and aged care applications, augmented by our very attractive entry price baseline installation cost.

CarePlusTM Solutions

Integration of nurse call systems with wireless telephones or pagers is one of the most prevalent initiatives for hospitals and nursing directors because it improves staff productivity, reduces response times to patient requests, and helps increase overall patient satisfaction.

CarePlusTM products integrate with all communication systems and provide immediate notification to nursing staff of nursecall events on any wireless device, such as wireless telephones, pagers, PDA’s and large screen wall boards.

By automating notification to wireless devices, nursing staff receive notification that a patient is in need in less than a few seconds. In addition with modern nursecall systems, nursing staff are able to press a single button on their wireless phone and speak directly to the patient, increasing both patient satisfaction and staff efficiency at the same time.

A typical patient monitoring system monitors physiological conditions and is linked to a patient via a hard wire or via wireless telemetry depending on the patient’s mobility. CarePlusTM solutions offer immediate remote notification to nurses not at the bed side ensuring critical patient conditions are triaged real-time and responded to in an effective manner. Events can be automatically sent directly to visiting specialists mobile phones as an SMS or email.

CarePlusTM products provide notification to nursing staff in less than 2 seconds from alarm activation. CarePlusTM solutions ensure faster responses, increased patient safety and satisfaction while minimising response times to life threatening situations.

CarePlusTM provides certified solutions so that staff can receive event notification as a text message on almost any brand of onsite telephone system, such as Spectralink, Alcatel, Kirk, Cisco and many more. With most systems, staff can respond to text messages, acknowledge events or press one key to communicate with patients bed side speaker systems.

Integration of Nurse Call, Patient Monitoring and Clinical Systems to Wireless Telephone in a hospital or assisted living environment dramatically improves staff efficiency and patient satisfaction at the same time.

Nurses, Nurse Managers and Administrators can view the status of the ward at a single glance. Identify your staff patient ratio mix and how many nurses are allocated on each shift.

Change nurse allocation for the named nurse system of patient care and change the type of device they carry with one click. Ward status and nurse allocation enhance work flow efficiency.

Get to know just how quickly your crash team responded to a code blue, in fact you can know staff response times to any event. Using CarePlus reporting and Business Intelligence solutions, you are able to view your report data exactly how you want it look. Report customisation and specific hospital Key Performance Indicator (KPI) can be programmed into each report and published as a actual result, traffic light colour coded KPI or as a tend indicator.

In addition, CarePlusTM reporting and BI are Microsoft SQL based systems enabling key data to be pushed to corporate scoreboard reports or corporate dashboards. The System can push data from specific wards or facilities to rolling up multiple facilities into corporate performance reports.

CarePlusTM provides comprehensive reporting of all events – these event logs can so sorted and searched for specific events adding to the automated QA or compliance reporting for hospitals and aged care facilities. CarePlusTM can also integrated system generated alarms and events from third party systems such as medicine or blood refrigeration, firs systems security systems etc.

The sophisticated scheduling system available in select CarePlusTM products, allows alarms and events to be automatically routed to individuals or groups, based on a schedule, such as the time of the day and the day of the week.

Thus in a typical scenario, alarms that occurs ‘after hours’ and needs to go to a ‘on call’ staff member, can be routed to a wide area mobile device such as a cell phone or pager. However during the day the same event is routed to a staff members onsite wireless phone, email address or onsite pager.

Designed to work together! CarePlusTM is designed form the ground up to be part of a multiple site network of messaging systems. Many of our customers operate facilities in multiple locations, many in different states or even countries. The messaging infrastructure available from CarePlusTM allows for the seamless integration of messaging systems in multiple locations.

Our systems are designed communicate via IP, System Redundancy and simulcast solutions are available for customers with mission critical messaging requirements.

CarePlusTM enables active messages and alarms to be displayed on large screen white boards. Active messages for allocated nurses showing the total time the call is active. In busy environments queued patient calls or alarms allocated to the responsible individual reduces alarm fatigue. No more broadcasting messages to all staff. Send the right message to the right person and track their response time.

Greatly enhance workflow productivity as the whole team have a view of how busy their colleagues are and the individual response time for each staff member and each patient.

In response to feedback from IT Departments, CarePlusTM has a user friendly web based interface for users of our systems.

The use of a web based client minimised the time IT staff spend maintaining the messaging system, and provides users with an easy to use system in very familiar applications such as Internet Explorer. Our products that employ Web Based user interfaces are also natively multi-user, providing for simultaneous concurrent connections via IP.

Using the email interface, staff and 3rd party systems are able to send an email to any wireless device on CarePlusTM.

In addition, the CarePlusTM is able to notify staff via email of any event or alarm that has been processed by the messaging system. Thus our systems provide the ability to contact staff on multiple devices and via multiple methods of delivery, providing message delivery redundancy.

CarePlusTM systems are able to deliver messages to, and receive messages from, any cellular text messaging/SMS enabled device.

By integrating to cell phone carriers via industry standard protocols, Staff can be automatically notified on their preferred wireless device, of any event or alarm processed by the Commtech messaging system.

LED Sometimes you just need broadcast a message for all to see. CarePlusTM systems integrate easily with wired and wireless display boards so that your message can be seen where and when it matters.

Additional options can easily be configured to change the colour, speed and size of your message as well as making.

ELA PDA CarePlusTM solutions allow for event notification to be communicated to PDA’s as well as providing real time updates on all active alarms or events. You can monitor the efficiency of staff and zones, make quick adjustments where needed and produce statistical reports showing the efficiency of staff in your hospital.

Nurse Managers can view Ward Status – in real time – anywhere on or off campus!

Regardless of how basic or advanced your security, fire or HVAC system is, there’s a simple way to get the rapid notification you desire.

Easily integrated into any system, CarePlusTM provide rapid notification of a variety of alarms from your security, Fire or HVAC system to any number of mobile devices. This provides you with the ability to act immediately, and minimised any potential damage, litigation or losses in your hospital.

Integrate CarePlusTM into your existing VOIP or PABX telephony – no need for dedicated intercom systems to talk before you walk. Send xml messages to handset notifying your staff of calls pending.